Privacy first, remote monitoring for healthy aging.

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Predict risk using technology that monitors how every day objects are used in the home, instead of using cameras or wearables.

No Cameras

No Wearables

No Listening


You place discrete sensor tags around the home...

... with things that are used everyday ...

... our software learns the routines and patterns of everyday life ...

... notifying you of changes so you don't have to ask (or wonder).

"No movement on Mom's medications"

"Stove temperature is higher than normal"

"Movement on Dad's front door"

"Mom's walker hasn't moved for 4 hrs"

"Movement on Dad's bed is later than normal"

"Humidity is high in Mom's Bathroom"

"No movement on Dad's Chair for 2 hrs"

.... and more

How are the tags used?

Users have found 100s of smart ways to use our tags.

Drop In

Place the tag in a pocket, drawer, inside fridge door, hobby bag....


Use the 3M Dual Lock to attach it to a door, cupboard, box, or other object. Can also be used to secure next to high risk assistance areas like the toilet. Pull the sensor off the wall to trigger a notification.

Knock Over Stand

Use the stand for a sensor on a bedside table or other areas. If assistance is required simply move it or knock it over to trigger a notification.

Silicone Holder

The silicone holder provides a lot of options for securing tag. Most common is the zip tie for hanging on handle, chair, side of the bed and more.

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