Private Remote Monitoring by Your Trusted Circle of Care

Reduce Risk. Live Better

HomeEXCEPT is the only platform that measures the use of objects to know when a wellness check might be needed. No wearables required.

Fewer Incidents

How people use objects (things) is related to the root causes of an incident. Patterns become predictive indicators to avoid incidents.

Fewer Checkins

Notifications and pattern charts give you objective information. Reducing the number of checkins and providing respite for caregivers and efficiencies for staff.

More Quality Time

Fewer incidents and unnecessary checkins means more quality time. Which leads to improved quality of care. Which is better for everyone.

Who & How we help

Older People

Privacy, dignity and respect are the pillars used to build HomeEXCEPT.


Insights and notifications to provide peace of mind and build a circle of care.

Fall Prevention

Track the factors that cause falls to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Memory Care

Monitor everyday risks associated with dementia. Work with your local professional to identify early mild cognitive impairments (MCIs).

How it works?

HomeEXCEPT is hardware and software for seniors, caregivers and providers in senior living. The hardware is used to tag objects and monitor their use. The tags use ambient sensors for movement, location, temperature, humidity and air pressure. The software is used to set notifications for specific events and track changes in daily routines .



HomeEXCEPT uses sensors that track movement, distance, position, temperature, humidity and air pressure all inside the same water tight tag.


Everyday Objects

By associating tags with everyday objects like beds, walkers, vacuum, stove, fridge, medications, doors, chairs, beds etc. the software creates notifications and learns the patterns of daily life.


App & Notifications

The app is used by providers and family to stay on top of care questions. Notifications are available to authorized guests.

This video is an example of sensors in a home or labeled for a facility. It shows a few of the available dashboards.

What makes us unique?

It does not have to be worn or recharged so you have 24/7 insights without compromising privacy.

The HomeEXCEPT Solution

Cost $429 / year ($0.05 / hour)


Circle of Care


Help Call

Object Tracking

2 Year Battery

Forever Warranty

Other's Wearable + Service Solution

Cost $540+ / year ($0.06 / hour)


Circle of Care


Help Call

Object Tracking

2 Year Battery

Limited Warranty

Other's Smart Home Solutions

Cost $540+ / year ($0.06 / hour)


Circle of Care


Help Call

Object Tracking

2 Year Battery

Limited Warranty



Focus on preventing incidents instead of just reacting to them. See how daily routines and patterns are changing over time.

Circle of Care

Monitoring by the people who know you best. Multiple users receive notifications so planning and response can be handled by your circle of care.

Not a Wearable

The issue with wearables is them not being worn or recharged when needed. Carrying a HomeEXCEPT tag is completely optional.

Help Call

Need assistance. Double tap on any tag and an instant help notification is sent to the circle of care.

Object Tracking

By attaching tags to objects (indoors and outside) you get insights into your specific concerns.

2 Year Battery

Don't worry about recharging devices. The 2 year battery means tags are collecting the information you need 24/7.


Internet is required but our long range mesh networking means connection everywhere. Indoors and outside.


Our Forever Warranty simply means that your hardware is included and is always covered.

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We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost? Where can I buy?

The HomeEXCEPT Starter Kit is $429 / year. You may purchase through one of our authorized partners or here. Commercial subscriptions include additional features and are priced by quotation. Please contact for more details.


I'm in the senior living industry. How can I add this to our services?

We have a variety of partner programs for affiliates, distributors, operators and non-profits. To learn more contact us at  

Can I install this myself? What do I need?

Yes. The system takes minutes to install. All you need is an internet connection with an ethernet port. Check out our support page for complete details.

Can I get a quote for a custom installation?

Yes. Email us at and one of our Advisors will be in touch to review your requirements.

How do I know it's for me?

We are only happy with five star reviews. If you're not happy we'll make it right. Start with booking a demo.  

How anonymous is the system?

HomeEXCEPT only uses the subscribers phone number to link data. The subscriber labels the sensors so only you and your authorized guests understand who and where is being monitored.  

Can the system be installed in a facility?

Yes. The system is designed to work in single or multi resident environments. We also support integrations into existing software you are already using. Refer to our facilities page for more details.  

More Questions?

Text "HOME" to 1-(833) 763-0631 to chat with our team or email at