Prevention First Monitoring for Aging

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  • Prevention & Privacy First
  • Speakers, cameras and wearables optional.
  • You place discrete sensor tags around the home...
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… with things that are used everyday ...

... our software learns the routines and patterns of everyday life ...

... notifying you of changes so you don't have to ask (or wonder).

"No movement on Mom's medications"

"Stove temperature is higher than normal"

"Movement on Dad's front door"

"Mom's walker hasn't moved for 4 hrs"

"Movement on Dad's bed is later than normal"

"Humidity is high in Mom's Bathroom"

"No movement on Dad's Chair for 2 hrs"

.... and more

We don't know who or where is being monitored. All you need is a mobile phone to secure your account.

You decide who you share your data with.