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145 Hobson Lake Dr #405
Halifax, NS
B3S 0H9


Solving "X"

with Non-Intrusive Monitoring

A non-intrusive IoT platform for ISVs to solve their customer's problems before they become bigger problems


Leveraging IoT with your Domain Expertise

(and acronyms)  


The Internet of Things (IoT) has tremendous potential to make your product and service better. Solving problems in more effective and predictive ways. However, there are barriers and constraints to adoption. We customize our Platform as a Service (PaaS) and plug it into your solution. Giving you an IoT advantage today.

IoT for SaaS Providers

A Platform Built on Trust


To protect privacy no cameras or listening devices are used. Ambient sensors capture environmental, movement and positioning data. uses artificial intelligence to learn the patterns of life (POL) for spaces and things. Only a mobile phone number is needed for authentication. To HomeEXCEPT people and places are anonymous.

Non-Intrusive Monitoring

The Key to Smart Prevention Strategies

Intelligent notifications are created from algorithms when changes (exceptions) occur to the expected patterns of activity. Our algorithms use continuous machine learning. Getting smarter each day about the spaces and objects being monitored. The data collected builds predictive models to reduce risk, costs and improve outcomes.

Data Science

Rapid and Cost Effective

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a rapid and cost effective way to deploy your new service. Leverage our expertise and continuous development to get immediate ROI as you scale. We don’t own your sensor data. It’s 100% yours for creating new products, services and value.  

Why PaaS?

Eliminate User Friction

HomeEXCEPT is passionate about creating the best user experience for your customers. Easy to navigate apps using the familiar material design framework. Low friction wireless installation with mesh networking and NFC provisioning. User replaceable batteries optimized for 2 years + life cycle. Simple to understand user guides for quick setup and results. All of this means less support and happier customers.  

User Experience (UX)

Purpose, Problems, Privacy

Home Except Inc. was founded in 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The name originated from the idea; finding exceptions to normal activity at home will prevent risk from actually occurring. 


Since then we have evolved to be a purpose driven company that helps people solve real problems with privacy first. Our team are problem solvers in electronics, development, design, user experience and data science. 


Our solution is a complete end to end platform as a service (PaaS) customized to solve problems for your customers. 

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