145 Hobson Lake Dr #405
Halifax, NS, B3S 0H9, Canada

Wireless sensors monitor the activities of daily living. Software to provide peace of mind and the information you need to help seniors live safely in their home. 

Works Anywhere

At home, apartment or high rise building. Our wireless network extends your internet coverage into every corner. Even outside to the yard or grounds. 

Easy to Use Software

A mobile and desktop app to check in on the activities of daily living. Receive alerts when EXCEPTions occur. Have informed conversations when you see changes in risk.

1. Mobility

Regular daily movement is important for overall health. Our system informs when daily activity falls below typical for a specific individual. 

2. Medications

Placing a sensor with medications monitors proper use.  Proper use improves outcomes and helps identify potential side effects.

3. Assists

A sensor on a mobility device records the usage. Knowing when it's in use informs you of activity and whether it's being used when needed to prevent falls.

4. Sleep

A sensor attached to the side of the bed measures;  restlessness, insomnia, and frequent trips to the bathroom. All are leading indicators of potential health problems.

5. Toileting

A sensor at the toilet measures the number of times it has been flushed. Another important marker for infection or other health concerns.

6. Cooking & Nutrition

Adding a sensor above the stove not only tells you "if" cooking is happening but also if the stove has been left on. Additional sensors on the fridge door, pantry, cutlery drawer provide more insight into nutritional habits.

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