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Halifax, NS
B3S 0H9
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Non-Intrusive Monitoring

No cameras. No microphones.

Anonymous. Always.

What is HomeEXCEPT?

HomeEXCEPT is a platform as a service (PaaS) for non-intrusive monitoring. Real time pattern of life (POL) data is collected and transformed for predictive risk management. Software and hardware is branded for OEMs or ISVs for integration into their solutions and services.

A Platform Built on Trust


To protect privacy no cameras or listening devices are used. Ambient sensors capture environmental, movement and positioning data. HomeEXCEPT uses artificial intelligence to learn the patterns of activity (POA) for spaces and things. Only a mobile phone number is needed for authentication. To HomeEXCEPT people and places are anonymous.

Non-Intrusive Monitoring

The Key to Smart Prevention Strategies

Intelligent notifications are created from algorithms when changes (exceptions) occur to the expected patterns of activity. Our algorithms use continuous machine learning. Getting smarter each day about the spaces and objects being monitored. The data collected builds predictive models to reduce risk, costs and improve outcomes.

Data Science

Rapid and Cost Effective

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a rapid and cost effective way to deploy your new service. Leverage our expertise and continuous development to get immediate ROI as you scale. We don’t own your sensor data. It’s 100% yours for creating new products, services and value.  

Why PaaS?

Eliminate User Friction

HomeEXCEPT is passionate about creating the best user experience for your customers. Easy to navigate apps using the familiar material design framework. Low friction wireless installation with mesh networking and NFC provisioning. User replaceable batteries optimized for 2 years + life cycle. Simple to understand user guides for quick setup and results. All of this means less support and happier customers.  

User Experience (UX)

About HomeEXCEPT

Every day we strive to be better than yesterday, and to continue to develop monitoring technology that leverages the latest in machine learning and AI without breaking privacy barriers. In an increasingly invasive world, we are a technology company that focuses on providing a more intuitive, respectful, and affordable monitoring experience.

Whether back end, front end, full stack, data science, electrical, sales, or UX/UI we have a dedicated and passionate team who are the driving force behind our products and future development. Most of our team is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but we virtually collaborate with partners and team members across Canada and in the United States. We’re a group committed to growing and evolving together; we recognize each other’s strengths and know that we are stronger together. Our products are made possible because of the energy and intensity on the team - we get things done and have fun along the way.


HomeEXCEPT wouldn’t be possible without the amazing partnerships that helped bring our concept to life. From developing our initial prototype to introducing us to Microsoft; T4G has been there. We are grateful for their ongoing support of our vision and partnership.


Microsoft Canada has supported our vision in many ways. Providing direct engineering support and capturing our story on film. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with their team and the Azure technology stack.


Using non-intrusive monitoring to help in private and public space management
EXCEPTional Peace of Mind with HomeEXCEPT