September 1, 2020

Product Update

Jennifer McLeod

Version 2.06

This development cycle, the HomeEXCEPT team is delivering on their usual efforts to improve stabilization and optimal performance while also dishing out some fantastic UI changes.

HomeEXCEPT Version 2.0.6 is cleaner, smoother, and more insightful than ever.

Continued overall enhancement

The old saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine” and it applies to technology development as well as quilt making: the consistent effort you put into something over time, pays off.

If we lose a stitch, we reinforce it right away. We know that a solid foundation is imperative to growth and reliability so we regularly devote time to improving our technology infrastructure.

Improved Pattern Maps

We’re retiring our 24 hour coloured pattern circle to make way for better, more informative visualization patterns.

After removing the circle associated with each sensor, the group screen is beautifully simplified.

Important information like notifications, last movement, last activity, temperature, and humidity are still available at a glance and to drill down deeper, simply select a sensor to reveal the new and improved pattern map.

On one scrolling sensor detail screen, the new pattern map gives deeper insight into behavioural changes over time. Easily review each day to understand where bursts of activity (or lack of activity) are occurring and compare day over day to see where trends are emerging.

New placement of data graphs

To allow for easy access and review of the new pattern map, we gave our graphs for movement and environmental readings a new home.

Simply select the new reports icon at the bottom right corner of the sensor activity and your graphs appear on their own dedicated screen. Check these graphs to see detailed movement, temperature, and humidity data as well as associated notifications. A second click of the reports button brings you back to the main sensor pattern map.

Better menu organization

App navigation is now organized into three tidy sections. Groups and sensors remain the same but you’ll notice that “settings” is replaced with an updated icon and relabelled “more.”

Two familiar functions are relocated to this reimagined menu option: your profile options as well as user/guest management which we’ve renamed “people.”

Also under “more,” you’ll find:

  • Preferences (turn legends on and off and other display options)
  • Help (click here to link to our HomeEXCEPT support page)
  • News (links out to the latest version update information)
  • About (displays your current version number)

Next up?

As usual, our work is never done. We’re already working on V2.0.7 where we plan to introduce classification of the new pattern map. We’re exploring the best ways to indicate how the patterns may be usual, changing, or different.