The Sensor

The HomeEXCEPT sensor was developed by us and is manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada. It integrates numerous sensors into one platform for non-intrusive monitoring. Anonymous data is processed by our artificial intelligence (AI) and presented back to our software. Sensors and installation can be purchased through an Authorized Partner.  

The Software

Our software is available for mobile or browser. Our mobile app is customized for caregiving and situational awareness applications. Dashboards for reporting and routine monitoring can be adapted for your specific requirements. 

The Subscription

Each subscription includes 4 sensors. The sensors are installed in key areas of the home or facility. Facility installations are divided into multiple zones.  Once the sensors are installed your software is activated for authorized mobile or dashboard users.

Custom Integrations (PaaS)

HomeEXCEPT is not just a mobile app and sensors. It is a 100% customizable platform that will integrate with your current workflow on any device.

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Using thermal readings, HomeEXCEPT goes beyond motion alone to determine human presence. Is someone sitting for a long period? In a room longer than expected? How many people are present (ie. Were there visitors today?).


Motion lets you know a room is occupied and it indicates people are active and moving around. Lack of mobility is a risk to healthy aging.


Hot events are a common concern. Was the stove left on? What about a curling or clothes iron? These hot events pose a real risk to safety. Lack of hot events can also indicate someone is not cooking for themselves.


During winter months, cold can be a major risk for people and property. The elderly are more at risk for hypothermia because a lower metabolic rate makes it more difficult to maintain normal body temperature. So, is the heat on? Was a window left open? Is my loved one at risk? What about my property? Is there a risk of frozen pipes? Lack of cold events can also indicate someone is not opening the fridge and therefore not eating.


Sound levels (decibels) signal daily activity like TVs and conversation. Loud events like a smoke alarm or whistle can alert a potential situation.


Light levels are an indicator of whether enough light is present for daily activities. At night, light also can indicate if people are up at night. Someone having issues with sleep might have lights on late with motion and presence.

Vapours & Fumes

Concerned about smoking or other compounds (like harsh cleaning products or paint) in the air that poses an immediate health risk? Use the Vapours & Fumes setting to know if what the care recipient is breathing in is healthy or not.

Air Quality

Use the Air Quality alert to keep an overall and long-term view of the health of the air in a home. By being aware of AQ changes, steps can be taken to ensure the environment is a healthy one.

People Count

Want to know if the home care provider showed up? Use people count to alert you to another person in the room. Only want to know if someone didn't come? Our solution allows for that too (COMING SOON).


Flash Heat is a recommended setting. When activated it will let you know if there is a sharp rise in overall temperature that could indicate the threat of fire. 


Humidity is also a recommended setting. When activated, both high and low  level alerts will be activated and will account for norms in both summer and winter. Being aware of high and low humidity in a home can help with respiratory problems and also the health of a home.

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