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What is Non-Intrusive Monitoring?

Updated: Jun 16

What is HomeEXCEPT?

HomeEXCEPT is a system for non-intrusive monitoring. Real-time data relating to activity in a space is collected and presented to subscribers in an easy-to-use iOS or Android app. Caregivers and health professionals can check-in remotely and at-a-glance see up to date information connected to discrete sensors that are installed to give insight into activities of daily living.

What is Non-Intrusive Monitoring?

Non-Intrusive monitoring is a system that can monitor the use of a space without breaking privacy barriers. It is anonymous. Ambient environmental sensors identify movement, temperature, and humidity at assigned objects throughout the space.

Subscribers can check real-time activity whenever they like and over time, the system learns the normal pattern of activity (POA) and delivers insight into how these patterns change. Users can set specific notifications relating to movement so that they can be notified of changes that might be worrisome in their caregiving situation. For instance, you may choose to be notified if there is movement at the front door between 10pm and 5am if you are worried about wandering during the night.

Notifications are delivered through our mobile app offering EXCEPTtional peace of mind for caregivers, families, and healthcare providers.


A Platform Built on Trust

Privacy is the foundation on which HomeEXCEPT was built. We believe that monitoring solutions should not come at the expense of privacy and work to create smart products that don't watch or listen. Sensors can be discreetly labeled to mask identity and location and to authenticate a subscription, only a mobile phone number is required.

Whether monitoring a senior loved one, a multi-dwelling building, or an empty vacation home, no private information like names or addresses are stored in our system. All data collected by HomeEXCEPT is completely anonymous and only the user knows the context of who or where is being monitored.

Pattern of Activity

The Key to Smart Prevention Strategies

The typical activity in a space is like a snowflake; it has a unique pattern. Humans have a pattern just like patterns exist in nature - people do different types of things, use different types of spaces, and use objects in spaces in different ways. We move, use things, sleep, bath, cook, nap, open windows, close doors, do laundry, wash dishes, make tea - all of this activity creates movement, vibrations, temperatures, and humidity.

With HomeEXCEPT, you choose the type of notification that you want to receive for each object you are monitoring so that the information you receive is meaningful to YOU and YOUR unique situation.

As time goes on, unique patterns emerge and can be analyzed in order to understand what is and isn’t normal. The longer HomeEXCEPT sensors are active and collecting readings, the more accurate the system becomes in identifying activity that is not expected or different from what is normally observed.


Avoid worst case scenarios with Non-Intrusive Monitoring

Caregivers and families worry about their senior loved ones. HomeEXCEPT is a simple and useful tool to help alleviate some of that worry. Sensor monitoring helps keep families connected and informs caregivers on the type of support that seniors need.

Non-intrusive sensors, notifications, machine learning, AI, and easy to use software are a powerful combination in risk management. By monitoring movement relating to activities of daily living, caregivers are aware of changes in routines that may impact safety or well-being.

Monitoring technology empowers caregivers and families who have chosen aging in place and need extra support. HomeEXCEPT is also an ideal choice as a partner for companies with invested interest in prevention.

A security camera is only good if you are watching it, right? HomeEXCEPT delivers insights into how regular routines change over time - understanding this pattern of activity helps you become aware potential risks and create strategies for prevention.

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