• Jennifer McLeod

UPDATE: Version 2.0.4

We worked hard so that when we launched our new remote monitoring solution we would deliver helpful tool. But we never intended to stop there.

Here’s the latest on what's new with your HomeEXCEPT system! These changes are already live in your app so after you get up to speed, go check them out!

Added "Last Activity”

You can expect to see more and more improvements when it comes to delivering information that is essential for understanding pattern of life.

In this latest update, you’ll notice the most recent activity from the active sensors in a group is displayed at the top right of the group summary screen. At-a-glance, know exactly what sensor was the last to record movement and at what time.

Easier Guest Management

When a subscriber adds a person to their circle of care, the new guest will now need to click on the red notification in their group to actively accept their invitation and see the group information. Guests can also leave a group without the account owner having to take action to remove them.

No need to add the same guest twice if you remove them from a group and need to re-add them. Simply add a guest to your app once and then you can easily change the groups that they are allowed to view.

Sounds simple, yet it’s a change that’s super handy for situations where there are multiple groups being monitored by many team members sharing various levels of responsibility.

Improved Flow for Notification Settings

Customized notifications can now be set for movement and no movement in their own separate sections from the sensor screen.

While the options for these settings remain the same, the new organization is easier on the eye and feels more logical to navigate.

Continuous Improvement

Tweaks to the placement of icons and text, better flow, added features - what looks simple on the front end to a user, takes constant effort and attention to detail behind the scenes.

Beyond the improvements above, this latest update also brings some additional strengthening of the “back end.” These changes might not be noticeable in the app display but are essential to flawless operation.

As we take on new projects, listen to user feedback, and evaluate and iterate on current functionality, we will make good on our promise to bring you an experience that just gets better and better.

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