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UPDATE: Version 2.0.3

Since launching HomeEXCEPT v2.0 in May, we’ve been BUSY. Listening, learning, iterating - repeat. We love the system we’ve built and are constantly working to make it better.

The solutions we create are aimed at improving lives - of seniors, caregivers, healthcare providers. We value you, and want to support you by enriching your monitoring experience.

Even EASIER set-up

Wait. It gets easier than DIY set-up using a mobile phone and an internet connection? Yes! It does!

Our first few shipments required you to scan your sensors before they would connect to your network. Now, your system arrives at your door ready to go - straight out of the box.

Just connect your gateway to your router, plug it in, and your sensors power up! Now all you need to do is choose an object for each sensor in your app, update the location to your city, and label them however you want.

No problem if you need to change how you’ve assigned a sensor, you don’t have to uninstall it - simply select a new icon from our newly expanded selection of commonly monitored objects and the data resets while the sensor remains connected to your network. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

IMPROVED design & accessibility

The app has gotten a little makeover and if we do say so ourselves, HomeEXCEPT is looking SHARP.

The main menu navigation has moved to a neat and tidy bar along the bottom of mobile screens.

Group summary and sensor detail screens have been redesigned for a cleaner look. Overall, there’s a general feel of simplification.

You’ll love the new colour scheme of the sensor pattern display. A calming blue palette is not only easier on the eye but also more accessible to anyone with common variances in their ability to distinguish colours.

NEW & refined features

Custom Notifications

This latest update brings additional functionality for customized notifications. We’re moving away from “alerts” generated from our AI engine for now. We totally recognize that a variance from normal, while great to know about, simply doesn’t always warrant an alert. Caregivers know exactly what they’re worried about and want to customize their system for THEIR needs.

You now CHOOSE your notification options for each sensor. Do you want to be notified if there is movement? No movement? Anytime or just during certain times of day?

Maybe you have noticed that medications are getting missed and for now, you would really feel better if you were notified whenever the medication is accessed. You set the notification for the medication sensor to let you know about any movement.

Another way to think of this is to choose to be notified if the medication ISN’T moved. In this case, you set your notification to let you know if the medication doesn’t move between the times that it should be taken in order to stay on schedule.

Setting specific notifications allows the system to deliver each unique individual (or family, caregiver, healthcare provider…) the information that they need the most.

If you need help figuring out how to install your system so it serves you in the very best way, reach out to our team and we’ll work with you in identifying your needs and determining your ideal set-up.

Pattern of Life

The system is still learning patterns and identifying trends that you can see at-a-glance on the colour-coded activity circle for each sensor.

This coloured circle shows 24 hours of activity and each day’s analysis begins at the top at 12am.

The line with a red indicator moves as the day progresses. The system compares each passing hour to historical data for the same period. The circle then fills in for each time slice indicating if it was normal or if a minor or unusual variance was detected.

New Temperature & Humidity graph

You no longer have to view a sensor’s detail in order to see its current temperature and humidity readings.

You can quickly see and compare these readings for each sensor on your group screen.

To give you a deeper look at temperature and humidity trends throughout your space, each sensor’s temperature and humidity data is displayed on a new graph below the real-time movement scatterplot.

What’s next?

We’re getting ready to deliver you more INSIGHT into the patterns and variances your sensors are detecting. How are routines changing? In what way?

The sky's the limit with analysis and we can learn SO much from the anonymous data our sensors collect. We are applying deep machine learning techniques so we can answer meaningful questions and provide helpful information that will have a positive impact on well-being.

We want our contributions in aging in place, continuity of care, and preventative monitoring to make a difference. That means continually evaluating and evolving to bring more value.

Stay tuned for MORE as we continue to bring ideas and improvements to life!

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