• Jennifer McLeod

Top 5 SAFETY TIPS for seniors living alone

Growing older comes with challenges but with proper planning, seniors can maintain their independence and live at home as long as possible. Aging in place is a goal that’s attainable, affordable, and safe when the right steps are taken to ensure your environment and lifestyle are modified for senior living. A few small steps can go a long way in giving you the peace of mind needed to live freely well into your golden years.

1. Improve your lighting!

It’s no secret that our vision needs a little help along the way as we get older. We suddenly find ourselves reaching for our reading glasses a little more frequently or turning on lamps earlier in the evening. The most attractive light to our senses is generally a warm, yellow light but this isn’t what helps us SEE the best. The next time you replace your lightbulbs, look carefully at your options and choose LED “daylight” bulbs where possible. This cooler, brighter light illuminates a room more effectively and a properly lit room means less chance of having a clumsy moment that could lead to injury.

2. Rearrange your storage!

Are you reaching and bending to get items that you use daily? Move rarely used or seasonal items to less accessible areas and keep the things you need regularly close at hand. Although a clear surface may look neat and tidy, consider keeping heavier items on your counter to eliminate continuously pulling them out and putting them away. If clutter is holding you back from making positive changes to your storage, consider enlisting the help of an organized friend or make a call to a Professional Organizer.

3. Remove tripping hazards & slow down!

Fall prevention is super important. One fall can drastically change your life and alter your plan to live independently. It can be tempting to run an extension cord but instead, place electrical items close to outlets to avoid a cord running on the floor. Remove rugs, add anti-slip mats to your bathtub, and use anti-slip wax on your wood floors. When walking around your home, take it easy and pace yourself with mindful, deliberate steps; simply being body-aware can save you from a bump or tumble. Even a small change like creating the habit of wearing slippers with rubber soles while indoors can do wonders to keep you stable – not to mention cozy!

4. Have a reliable handy-person!

Whether it’s a family member, friend, landlord, or local professional, have the contact number of a knowledgeable jack-of-all-trades written near your phone. There will be times when you’ll need a hand testing or replacing your smoke alarms, installing an easy-to-reach shelf, or fixing something around your home. Home maintenance often requires the use of ladders or accessing difficult to reach places so calling in some help is always your safest bet!

5. Make friends with technology and stay connected!

If you are unfamiliar with using a computer or browsing the internet, consider taking a lesson from a tech savvy family member or through a community program. Often, local libraries offer classes to seniors for free! An internet connection in your home also opens the door to amazing tools that increase your safety and peace of mind. Non-intrusive home monitoring devices like HomeEXCEPT, allow your trusted family and friends to help you protect your health and home safety. The easy-to-use system allows caregivers to check-in remotely and help monitor activities of daily living. Unlike cameras or listening devices, HomeEXCEPT relies on artificial intelligence that analyzes vibration, motion, temperature, and humidity to give you valuable information without compromising privacy.

Living confidently on your own for as long as possible means paying closer attention to safety concerns that you may not have considered before, but it’s not about compromising any of your independence. On the contrary, it’s these sorts of changes that ENABLE you to maintain the independent life you’ve worked so hard to build.

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