• Jennifer McLeod

Sensor Technology and Risk Prevention in Senior Living

Updated: Jun 9

When a senior experiences a bad fall and hindsight slaps you with the awareness that there WERE warning signs, it can be extremely disappointing. "I should have known” is a commonly replayed thought. We hear you. Looking back over the time leading up to a bad fall can be difficult to process. Resulting interventions can be costly and painful - and it's a hard pill to swallow when we know that many falls can be prevented. Alleviating the anguish over “what ifs” and “if onlys” is one of the huge benefits of introducing a non-intrusive remote monitoring system. It helps reduce the worry of care teams and families by helping them understand contributing risk factors and decreasing the chances of an incident. Our Preventative Monitoring Platform was developed as a practical and easy-to-use tool to aid in minimizing the risks that seniors face when living independently. In Senior Living there are known factors, mostly relating to activities of daily living, that contribute to the likelihood of a fall. When these behaviours are monitored and processed with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can better identify and understand risk. It's an easy-to-use too that helps increase awareness and trigger action. The result is lowered risk and greater peace of mind.

How does Prevention Technology work? Technology focused on prevention is about getting ahead of the curve. Our solution is a smart privacy-first sensor technology that doesn’t just detect and notify. It learns and predicts. It’s the difference between only being aware after an incident has happened vs knowing when to act before one does. Non-Intrusive ambient sensors are strategically placed on commonly used objects and transmit data relating their activity. By analyzing the data of risk factors like mobility, medication compliance, sleep patterns, use of assistive devices, and stumbles or minor falls that you may not know about, we can gain a clearer picture of an individual's chances of needing intervention. This activity shows how a senior may be struggling and gives us valuable insight into the kind of assistance that would help them the most.

Preventative monitoring technology is a tool to help shift care from being reactive to PROACTIVE. Seniors are embracing technology. Especially solutions that don’t compromise the privacy and dignity they’ve earned. The right tools offer additional safety and security and help avoid more serious interventions that cost caregivers and seniors valuable time, money, and energy. Ultimately, it’s about longevity and well-being. Sensor technology is helping seniors live their best lives for longer than ever; keeping them safe and their care circles informed. Knowledge is power - and knowing how you can help without invading privacy is a huge step in the right direction for senior living.

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