• Jennifer McLeod

Innovation & Independence: Technology for a Growing Senior Population

There’s a big shift happening in our senior population. Our lifespan continues to increase and many older adults are stating loud and proud that “70 is the new 50.” So, where we were once slowing down and retiring, more and more people approaching senior status are now feeling like they’re just getting started.

The energetic people behind Aging 2.0, a group working to support innovators taking on the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging, are a prime example of this new, active, and driven “senior” population. Our team at HomeEXCEPT was energized by our participation in this week’s Global Innovation Challenge hosted by the Halifax chapter of Aging 2.0. What can we say but, “WOW!” The presenters and guest speakers were absolutely inspiring and the innovation happening in the senior health and independence market is impressive. It was exciting to watch our CEO, John Robertson, present our non-intrusive home monitoring system among such fantastic ideas all geared at improving the lives of seniors.

The reality is, we’re stepping up to offer the products and services that our aging population desperately needs - by 2030, it’s estimated that seniors will make up a whopping 25% of our population. Our current systems are already stressed and finding new ways to use technology in our hospitals, assisted care facilities, and at home isn’t just innovative – it’s necessary.

Not long ago, technology seemed to be something just for younger people. Or, at the very least, there was a sizeable gap between generations and their comfort level with electronics, computers, and phones. That gap is closing in, and FAST - today, it’s estimated that approximately 70% of seniors are now online and using technology. It’s crystal clear that seniors WANT technological solutions and are EAGER to use them – and today’s tech companies are listening. We care deeply about our seniors, and are working hard to offer unique solutions that support them in living their best lives for longer than we ever thought possible.

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