• Jennifer McLeod

Remote Privacy-First Monitoring for improved senior care with easy, no-contact install.

Updated: Jun 4

Version 2.0 of HomeEXCEPT is shipping! When we accelerated development of this newest version of our non-intrusive monitoring system, one of our biggest priorities was easy install.

We knew our clients didn’t want to deal with wires, modifications, or long installation processes. But we had no idea how important that decision would become.

Fast forward a few months and we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. We’re working from our homes and if we needed to send installers to set up systems for our clients, it would be a challenge.

It’s been a sudden shift and not only is it driving the direction of our development at HomeEXCEPT, it’s bringing big changes to healthcare in general. It’s clear that people need more remote and virtual care options. Technology is leading the way for a better future in healthcare, homecare, and independent senior living.

HomeEXCEPT helps caregivers monitor the routines and patterns of their clients and loved ones, increasing senior safety and reducing worry. It’s easy to set-up and caregivers can check-in at any time from the comfort of their own home, minimizing the need for more frequent in-person visits. The system uses no cameras and no microphones. It’s a privacy-first solution that protects the dignity that everyone deserves.

No-contact delivery. No Technician.

Version 2.0 delivers right to your door. Your home kit will include everything you need to get up and running: a gateway, required cables, and 5 non-intrusive sensors. Once activated, the sensors detect motion and also report on temperature and humidity. The information is delivered to the caregiver with a phone app that gives insight into the activities of daily living they decide to monitor.

Order your home kit now!

When your system arrives, getting started is as easy as a few simple steps:

  1. Connect your gateway. Plug it in and then connect the gateway and your router using the ethernet cable.

  2. Download the HomeEXCEPT app and activate your subscription with your phone number.

  3. On the app, create a group and label it (ie. “Mom’s house).

  4. Scan and add your sensors using your mobile phone.

A quick start guide is included with every kit and walks users through these steps with a little more detail. Subscribers also receive a link to an online user guide that dives even deeper into groups, sensors, and how to use your new monitoring system.

HomeEXCEPT is versatile and designed to be flexible for many different monitoring needs. It’s bringing seniors and caregivers together virtually with affordable, intelligent technology that’s entirely do-it-yourself.

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