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What is HomeEXCEPT?

Updated: 2 days ago

HomeEXCEPT is hardware and software for active seniors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and researchers. The hardware is used to tag objects and monitor their use. The software is used to set notifications for specific events and see changes in the patterns for activities of daily living.

HomeEXCEPT can assist with answering simple questions like;

  • When was the toilet last flushed?

  • Was the fridge opened today?

  • Has the walker been used?

You can set notifications for when these events occur or fail to occur to assist with the management of daily needs. Notifications can also be shared with others in the circle of care so everyone stays informed.

The information from HomeEXCEPT can also help with more complex questions and patterns of activity. We use pattern maps and graphs to visualize this information.

  • Is the use of the walker trending as expected?

  • Has the water bottle been refilled and used regularly?

  • Are the medications being accessed at the right time?

  • Does temperature or humidity affect the daily activity?

  • When was the body wash last used?

  • Has the laundry been done?

  • How often is the TV remote picked up?

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