• John - Founder | CEO

In one word, how has COVID-19 changed HomeEXCEPT? Contactless.

Updated: Jun 22

COVID-19 is a killer disease. Seniors are high risk and HomeEXCEPT was founded to help seniors age safely at home. Until a vaccine is found our seniors remain extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. The new normal requires us to make changes to better meet our customers needs.

When we started developing HomeEXCEPT it was normal to have an installer visit the home. In a COVID-19 world this is not an option. So we accelerated the development of our "contactless" solution.

Contactless. Installs in minutes.

The HomeEXCEPT Home Kit edition is now delivered right to the front door. The gateway simply plugs into the internet router. Sensors are connected by tapping them with a mobile device. It takes minutes for the caregiver to set-up.

Remote Easy to Use Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Web

You can use our apps anywhere, on any platform. Notifications are received using SMS or your mobile's notifications.

Wireless with a 2 year battery life

There are no wires. Sensors can be easily deployed for what you want to monitor. The sensors network together and back to the gateway. Full home coverage and no need to connect to the home wifi.

Multiple Scenarios for Activities of Daily Living

Everyone has different scenarios they want to monitor. Each person being monitored has a unique routine. In Version 2.0 we provide customized options for object specific awareness. You choose what you want to monitor (mobility, medication, assists, sleeping, toileting, etc.) and create specific alerts for each sensor. You choose the notifications that are the most meaningful to you.

Unlimited Guests for Help When You Need It

We updated our apps so you can now have "unlimited" guests. Your family members, caregivers, friends and neighbours can receive notifications. Creating a full circle of care to manage check ins and care requirements.

Low cost monthly subscription. No contracts

We brought the cost down and eliminated contracts. There are no upfront costs - just your subscription charge of $45 per month including tax.

Focused on Solving the Challenges in Senior Living

Things will never be the same. COVID-19 exposed serious weaknesses in how we approach the challenges of Senior Living. In response we will constantly be looking at innovative ways to solve those challenges. Respecting our core values of nonintrusive, remote and now.... contactless.

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