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How will this help me monitor my mom or dad?

Updated: Jul 23

HomeEXCEPT uses two methods to provide you with information. The first is notifications you can customize yourself. Notifications can be set for movement, no movement, temperature and humidity. A few examples; Notify me if...

  • Mom's medications aren't moved for more than 6 hours

  • The front door is opened after 10pm

  • The stove is on for more than 30 minutes

You can create a notification for any object in the home that can be tagged. Which is pretty much everything.

The next method is pattern maps. A pattern map uses movements over a period of time and learns three states; usual, changing, and different. Pattern maps are used to see current habits and coach to change those habits to the desired pattern.

  • Mom's medication pattern is very irregular.

  • Dad is not cooking regularly.

  • Dad is not locking the front door.

Our software also uses care circles to help you with monitoring. You add additional mobile users so they also receive the notifications. This could be family, neighbours, or home care professionals.

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