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Give Me Peace of Mind

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

How Technology Builds Independence for Older Adults

People aging in their own homes value independence. Caregivers value peace of mind. During interviews with potential HomeEXCEPT clients, we heard many stories with a common theme: worry. Families worrying about their parents. Parents worrying about the family, worrying about them. An endless cycle of worry.

Is technology the answer? It can be.

For example, at home, Mom has routines through-out the day. She wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night. In between, she cooks, naps, bathes, goes for a walk. Changes in her routine are indicators she might not be safe, or that she might need more support. 

The HomeEXCEPT app can give you insight into what might be happening. Let’s consider a few questions a remote caregiver may have:

Is Mom in bed?

Say your mother generally goes to bed at 10pm and is up and about 6am. She's been looking tired lately and you are concerned that she's not sleeping. To check on this, there are a couple different alerts you can set:

1. No presence in the bedroom between 10pm and 6am for more than 5 minutes.

This first alert can help you see if Mom is perhaps up to use the bathroom multiple times at night (we're assuming that a visit to the bathroom would take about 5 minutes; you can adjust the setting to however long you think your mother would take in the bathroom.)

The next alert you could set might be:

2. No presence in the bedroom between 10pm and 6am for more than 20 minutes.

This alert would let you know if Mom is out of the bedroom for longer periods of time. Anything over 20 minutes might be a concern. Or instead of 20 minutes, you could set it for one hour and see how many alerts you get in one night.

These two alerts can give you insight into your Mom's sleeping habits at night.

Based on the alerts you get and how many you get, you can decide what action to take.

It's true that everyone has a bad night now and then, but if you get alerts like this over a couple of nights, then perhaps it's worth a check in. It's really up to you and your family's specific situation.

To get a deeper look into what is happening in the home you could set a few more alerts.

3. Motion in the kitchen between 10pm and 6am

4. Motion in the living room between 10pm and 6am

5. Motion in the bathroom between 10pm and 6am, etc.

By setting these alerts, you'll be able to see what area of the home your mother goes to when she leaves the bedroom at night. If she's always in the bathroom, that could indicate something different than if she is in the living room. You'll have a timestamp that shows what time Mom was not in the bedroom, and a timestamp to show motion in another room.

Not sure how to set an alert on your app?

Please check out our Youtube video on How to Set an Alert to learn more on how to set an alert.

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