• Jennifer McLeod

Delivering Independence - Remote Monitoring for Independent Senior Living

HomeEXCEPT is teaming up with Harding Medical to bring Version 2.0 of our new remote monitoring system to market and help our senior population stay safe and well.

Harding’s promise of “Delivering Independence” is one they share with us at HomeEXCEPT. It’s a perfect match - two companies aligned in a vision to improve independent living. And it couldn’t have come at a more helpful time.

With the arrival of Covid-19, family caregivers and home healthcare agencies are facing more difficult challenges than ever. Social distancing means that physical in-person visits are limited and without that extra support, the risk level of a senior living alone rises.

Non-Intrusive Monitoring helps bridge the physical gap that’s been widened by Coronavirus. It gives caregivers a remote window into activities of daily living so they can understand when a visit or extra help is actually needed.

Peace of Mind when you can’t be there.

Home healthcare companies and family caregivers need solutions that bring peace of mind while also helping to maintain distance. But it’s not just a matter of finding a system that works remotely - seniors want increased security and safety but not at the expense of privacy.

A solution that monitors activities of daily living and notifies caregivers of abnormal behaviour or changes in routine without watching or listening is the gold standard solution that HomeEXCEPT created and Harding is adding to their line of products and services.

How does HomeEXCEPT monitor a space?

HomeEXCEPT’s easy-to-use monitoring service relies on strategically placed ambient sensors. Sensors blend into daily life and transmit anonymous information relating to movement, temperature, and humidity.

The information collected by sensors gives valuable insight into well-being by reporting on behavioural patterns and changes in routine.

Helpful monitoring of activities of daily living

Sensors are placed in order to deliver insight that is meaningful to a caregiver. With a focus on activities of daily living, the system can be a key part of lifestyle management and ensuring senior wellness.

The HomeEXCEPT system monitors:

  • Mobility levels

  • Medication compliance

  • Assistive device usage

  • Sleep habits

  • Toileting patterns

  • Cooking & Nutrition routines (coming soon)

Benefits of Non-Intrusive Monitoring


Sensors have a battery life of 2+ years and communicate wirelessly for easy install and low maintenance.


No cameras. No listening devices. All data collected is anonymous and only the person monitoring knows the context.


Continuous machine learning analyzes sensor information, identifying changes in activity and exceptions to normal patterns. It’s a system that doesn’t just detect and notify - it learns and predicts.


Once sensors are installed throughout a space, all except the optional pocket sensor do not need to be accessed or touched in order to work. Set it up once, then monitor through your own device.


A remote monitoring system is always there when you need it. Important information is delivered remotely through an app on your mobile, desktop, tablet, or by SMS.

It takes a village to age in place

Users can check in on the current activity within a space whenever they want on an easy-to-use mobile app and will receive notifications when a sensor notices that something is not normal. A subscriber can also add unlimited guests to their account in order to broaden their circle of care.

Caregiving at home doesn’t look the same anymore and neither does monitoring. The reality is that we can’t change the hand we’ve been dealt, but we can change how we react. Choosing a remote monitoring system is a step toward feeling more prepared and in control. It's an affordable solution that delivers increased awareness, safety, wellness, and peace of mind.

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