• Jennifer McLeod

Can you put a price on PEACE OF MIND?

There comes a time in our lives when our senior family members lean on us a little more for support. This can be difficult and finding peace of mind for everyone is going to cost us - emotionally, physically, and financially.

It would be absolutely wonderful if we never had to worry about the cost of various types of support, but the reality is that most of us are not in that situation. Options are varied, in both effectiveness and cost, so weighing them carefully is very important. Families need to look at things like the level of care a person needs, the risks associated with living alone, the time they have available to offer help, the distance from potential helpers, and the financial resources available to consider things like technology solutions, homecare, or assisted living.

Thinking through all possible scenarios is essential when making a thoughtful and responsible choice on what’s necessary and most helpful. A wearable alert may seem like a wonderful, inexpensive option, but if your family member never remembers to put it on then it simply becomes another dust collector. Assisted living may seem like a good move, but it’s a big investment that comes with a cost that is much greater than the price tag - leaving home and losing independence.

What if your loved one isn’t ready to leave home but you still need a little reassurance that they are safe? Is calling every hour a reasonable course of action? Can you trust that they’ll even tell you if they feel unwell, or haven’t been sleeping, or haven’t had the energy to cook? These, and a thousand other scenarios, are why technology solutions are gaining more and more attention.

But don’t “smart” solutions require cameras and listening devices? No, and no. In fact, there are brilliant and equally ethical developers working hard to offer the exact opposite by providing valuable information WITHOUT compromising anyone’s privacy. That’s an incredible advantage - a solution that brings peace of mind AND doesn’t invade your life. Care recipients get the support they need when they need it and maintain the dignity they deserve; caregivers are reassured by knowing when additional support is needed, without feeling like they’re spying.

When comparing costs, one might assume that technology relying on sensors that detect changes in environment and behaviour while learning the normal pattern of activity within a dwelling and yet doesn’t compromise privacy, would certainly be out of affordable range. Remarkably, it’s not. HomeEXCEPT was developed with a realistic mindset and compassionate heart to bring you unparalleled peace of mind AND privacy for the cost of a monthly restaurant dinner.

Let’s break that down further - for only 14 cents per hour, you can customize alerts suited to the space or individual you are monitoring and rest assured knowing that even when you’re not there, you’re still connected and will be notified if anything is out of the ordinary. Now, can you really put a price on peace of mind? Maybe not… afterall, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep our loved ones safe - but, if we COULD put a price on it, 14 cents per hour sounds fair to me!

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