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When it comes to home monitoring systems, calling it AI doesn’t mean it’s AI

What does Artificial Intelligence mean for me?

“Smart” and “AI” are big buzzwords today. Many products claim to use artificial intelligence (AI). This may be true when the algorithms were originally developed using machine learning, but it doesn’t mean the system is using incremental learning. Incremental learning means that the more you use the system, the smarter it gets. It “learns” from experience and your inputs.

Monthly Cost

Incremental learning is expensive. Processing thousands of unique data points every day and re-training algorithms specific to your circumstances takes a lot of computing power. If the home monitoring you’re reviewing has a low to no monthly cost, then you’re either not getting incremental machine learning, or you’re paying with something else: your privacy.


Speakers, cameras, and other “smart home” devices are very inexpensive to use or even free. However, you’re paying with your privacy and data. These systems might not even be using machine learning to build an algorithm unique for you. Instead, they’re building algorithms to benefit other products or services from the provider. User privacy and the ethical use of AI  are first priority for HomeEXCEPT. We built this technology to be the most private solution possible for keeping you — or your loved one — home and safe as long as possible.


Along with privacy is the question of data security. Data breaches are becoming more common — and more costly. We have partnered with Microsoft Azure for our cloud services. Azure is one of the most secure clouds in the world. Furthermore, we use ONLY  the mobile phone number of clients. No additional personal data is required, and there are no records in the system of who or where is being monitored. So even if the worst case occurs, and there is a data breach, there is no personal information to compromise.


Artificial intelligence is developed using machine learning on data that is regularly trained. We achieve this by providing you the option to select when you find an event useful. This data is used to refine the AI for your specific case. AI requires regular feedback to “label” data and learn. Without this it is simply repeating the same calculations and algorithms over and over again. There’s nothing very “smart” about that.


When the HomeEXCEPT system prompts you, “iIf Y happens, then do X,” it’s using your intelligence to tell it what to do when triggers occur, such as a change in your loved one’s routine. It’s a simple cause and effect feature. Building automation and security systems have been doing this for years. 

In other words, AI and incremental learning are OUR features, but YOU provide the brains!

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