Industrial IoT solution for Safety and Efficiency

Non-Intrusive Monitoring for Safety & Efficiency

Reduce Risk. Drive Efficiency

How it helps

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce unnecessary maintenance checks. Know when the hand sanitizer needs to be refilled.

Space Utilization

Which spaces are used the most? The least? How can the space be optimized for greatest return.

Advanced Warning

Know when someone accesses a space or asset. Measure humidity, and faulty cold storage.

Asset Management

Know where and how your equipment is being used. Optimize for scheduling and availability.

Who it helps

Building Owners

Reduce costs and improve the ROI of your investments.

Facility Managers

Better workflows and resource utilization.

Risk Officers

Improved safety and reduce loss with prevention and early detection.

How it works?

HomeEXCEPT is hardware and software for people and spaces. The hardware is used to tag objects and monitor their use. The tags use ambient sensors for movement, location, temperature, humidity and air pressure. The software is used to set notifications for specific events and see changes in the patterns for the space and people using it.



HomeEXCEPT uses sensors that track movement, distance, position, temperature, humidity and air pressure all inside the same water tight tag.


Everyday Objects

Track usage by associating tags with everyday objects like doors, chairs, benches, dispensers, garbage bins, cleaning carts and other assets.


Apps & SMS

The app is used to stay on top of operational questions and discover efficiency improvements.


Data for Efficiency

You want a single source of truth. Data can be integrated into existing workflows and tools. You also have access to data to customize for your specific needs.