Losing sleep

worrying about Dad?

( He's sleeping just fine )

Why We Built HomeEXCEPT

We built HomeEXCEPT to bring families and caregivers a privacy first option to monitor wellbeing. Caregivers receive the information they need. Seniors get the privacy and dignity they’ve earned. We call this Non-Intrusive Monitoring.

For Home or Long Term Care

Home Care and Long Term Care providers have different needs than family and friends. We've built HomeEXCEPT to work for both. Professional care providers can use sensor data to plan efficient workflows, monitor safety, set quality improvement goals, measure key performance indicators and report on compliance.

Smart Alerts

Our Smart Alerts use continuous machine learning. HomeEXCEPT processes over 400 data points per second from your system. By using the app you are training the AI to get smarter everyday.  

How Does HomeEXCEPT Compare?

There are many alternative solutions and HomeEXCEPT was designed to complement these. For example, use a wearable but have HomeEXCEPT for when it’s not worn or need additional insights.

24/7 Always There

Our sensors never sleep. For as little as $0.35 an hour HomeEXCEPT is learning routines and getting smarter. It helps you know where you need to be and when. What is the priority of care right at this moment?

Completely Private

The only personal information stored in our software is a mobile phone number. We do not know who or the location being monitored. Only you and your authorized guests know the context of our alerts.

Our platform can be integrated with other systems to provide a customized solution for homecare and long term care providers.

Mobile App

We know caregivers are on the go and need alerts wherever you are. Our mobile app for iOS and Android provides in-app alerts that work with your mobile’s native notifications. You remain in the circle of care regardless of where the day takes you.

No Maintenance

Our sensors  blend into life. Doing their job while everyone goes about daily living. No worries about charging batteries or remembering to putting it on. 

Unlimited Caregivers

We know it takes more than one to support aging family members. We give you unlimited guests so everyone you need to have alerts gets them for no extra cost.

Forever Warranty

Our Forever Warranty means you don’t have to worry about future features or upgrades. As a HomeEXCEPT subscriber we will make sure you receive the latest software and hardware upgrades for no extra fee.


We use artificial intelligence to interpret the information from the sensors. In the average home we process over 400 data points per second.  Our software can do this for as little as $0.14 / hour.