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When an object moves it tells us a lot about the person moving it. The date, the time, distance, speed and velocity become part of a pattern. Our software let's you know about changes to those patterns.


Optimal temperature and humidity are important for the health of a living space. Our software let's you know when adjustments should be made for optimal conditions.

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How will this help me?

Reduce unnecessary checks-ins.

Did Mom get up and open her medications on time? Check the app or let the app notify you.

Customize for your situation.

Need to know if Dad is mowing the lawn, using the stove, or not following his regular routine? Tags work on any object; indoors or outside.

Know when to check-in.

Get notified when the regular routine is broken and do a wellness check. This provides extra safety when Mom is unable to get help.

Create a circle of care.

Compliment your care planning so other family members can provide support. Share notifications from the app to jointly manage concerns.


Daily routines can change very slowly over time. Insights from our software help you spot those changes and plan ahead.

Affordable and Risk Free.

We want our technology to help as many people as possible. So we built it to be affordable. We have a 90 Day Risk Free policy for a full refund. You can cancel anytime. No contracts.