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Independent Living

Most people want to live comfortably and independently in their own home as they age.  However, to do this sometimes a little extra help is needed. HomeEXCEPT’s approach to monitoring provides the insights needed for safety without invading privacy. Non-intrusive monitoring tackles this problem by notifying when exceptions to the normal pattern of activity are occurring.

Nutrition is a contributing factor to many other issues. Our sensors in the kitchen detect the heat of the stove and cold of the fridge. Humidity, air quality and organic compounds all assist in providing cooking insights.

Kitchen (cooking & nutrition)

Most people have a favourite comfy spot in the living room and patterns in this space are also predictable over time. Is someone there during the evening news hour, as expected? Has there been prolonged presence past bedtime? Are there visitors or caregivers pr

Living Room (Habits and Lifestyle)

Are we keepingThe bathroom is a common area of concern. A lot of wellness related information comes from how the space is used. Prolonged presence could indicate difficulty or a fall. Frequency of use could be an early indicator of infection. Humidity can assist in determinin this?

Bathroom (Hygiene & Incontinence)

Bedroom patterns are indicators of sleep quality and mental health. Is someone getting up when expected? Frequently getting up throughout the night? Spending long periods of time in bed during the day?

Bedroom (rest & recovery)

Our sensors cannot directly detect a fall. Our ideal outcome is to prevent falls by providing insights into the factors that cause falls. However, when a fall occurs our platform can infer there is an issue from the change in the pattern of activity. For example; prolonged presence / absence or a loud sound.


HomeEXCEPT monitoring systems are ideal for sharing caregiving responsibility. Subscribers can add unlimited guests to help keep an eye on loved ones. Everyone receives notifications and then caregivers can communicate about whom should respond to worrisome alerts or warnings. Every family is different and adding guests allows for additional peace of mind. Sometimes a team prefers to monitor at all times collectively, and other times a main caregiver adds a guest to help coordinate care when they are out of town or unavailable. It takes a village to age in place safely and adding guests at no extra charge allows the flexibility and support that caregivers nee

Circle of Care (Guests)