Non-Intrusive Monitoring

Situational Awareness with no cameras or microhones.

100% Anonymous. Always.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is knowing what is happening as it happens. Our approach uses ambient sensors and machine learning to understand the expected pattern of activity (POA). When exceptions occur you can be notified or other actions may be triggered.


Non-intrusive means we do not know who or where is being monitored. You do. We only use a mobile phone number to associate data to managed accounts. If you want that data integrated into your systems we provide APIs. Your data remains safe inside your firewalls. 


HomeEXCEPT was founded to solve a problem for aging at home. The idea is learn what is normal and deal with the EXCEPTions. Since then we discovered this is the way a platform should work. Engage when needed so resources can focus where they need to be.